According to Hebb's rule, "neurons that fire together, wire together". Our whole learning process is based around this; making associations between things, linking point A with point B via this connection or that. The neurons in our brains send signals out to one another when we build associations between subjects/objects. These synapses create bridges between... Continue Reading →

One Way or Another

It exists, this place. It lives in my heart, in memories of my childhood. A special time, sailing in Mexico between the years of 94-98. I am free as a bird with my imagination and thoughts of possibilities. I am surrounded by adventurous, open-minded, kind-hearted people who embrace change and rise to their challenges. They... Continue Reading →

What Are You Waiting For?

A certain shade of green? I'm tired of waiting.This song always forces me to recognize my stagnance. The part where I keep finding myself in stagnancy might give you enough of a hunch that the song resonates with me stronger every time I hear it. It is time to get out of my own way,... Continue Reading →

Remain Calm…

I am in awe of people who can hold their cool no matter what. Those unshakable beings who let life's chaos sweep around them like wind past a smooth rock. They hold power in knowing that their response to life is the only control they have. To remain calm helps us see clearly, as emotion... Continue Reading →

Judge Not

If you think about it, this really underlines the notion that judgement is pointless in the first place, as we have no way to know what another's situation is or how they might have to adjust to cope with things. Our judgement is based on how we would handle things and how we operate and... Continue Reading →

Loving Conservation

Be not stagnant with your love. Care for it, nurture it, maintain its balances. Take time and find new ways to cast it upon your loved ones in ways they can understand best. ❤ Photo credit unknown.


For the last few years, I have been on a mission to understand myself in as many ways and aspects as possible. Seems like such a simple thing, doesn't it? To know and understand oneself? "Who else would you know better?", one might ask. But I think that far from true.Let's start with the idea... Continue Reading →


There is so much truth in this statement. Our habits are everything. This is why evaluation and change are so important in life. Things are always adjusting, moving and re-arranging and we must learn how to do the same, in order to best go with the flow of things. One habit I have always failed... Continue Reading →


Thoughts often linger, like a perfumed scent from an item in passing. The object has long come and gone, but the scent rests upon our cheeks and we continue to be consumed by it; this thing which is no longer there.

Harmony in Communication

I love this idea that, not only can we more fully be there for others, but that we can be aware of ourselves enough to remove our auto-responses and communicate expectations before engaging with others. Some people tend to doll out advice without regard and may seem condescending at times. Others might focus on listening... Continue Reading →

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